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Journal Articles

Counting Women's Work-Related Journal Articles

Laishram, L., 2013. "Gender Accounting of Consumption and the Life-cycle Deficit for India". Asia-Pacific Population Journal, 28(2) 27-49.

Jiménez-Fontana, P., 2015. "Analysis of non-remunerated production in Costa Rica". Journal of the Economics of Ageing, 5: 45-53.

Jiménez-Fontana, P., 2016. "Retos para materializar el dividendo de género". Revista Población y Salud en Mesoamérica, 13(2).


National Time Transfer Account-Related Journal Articles

Gál, R., Szabó, E., and Vargha, L., 2015. "The age-profile of invisible transfers: The true size of asymmetry in inter-age reallocations". The Journal of the Economics of Ageing, 5: 98-104.

Rentería, E., Scandurra, R., Souto, G., and Patxot, C. (2016). "Intergenerational money and time transfers by gender in Spain: Who are the actual dependants?" Demographic Research, 34: 689-704. 

Sambt, J., Donehower, G., and Verbič, M. (2016) “Incorporating household production into the National Transfer Accounts for Slovenia.” Post-Communist Economies, 28(2): 249-267.