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The Counting Women's Work Logo

The CWW Logo

The CWW logo captures a number of different visual cues, each with their own unique ideas. The first and most obvious, the hourglass, referring to the time spent by women in particular looking after and caring for the people in their lives, as well as the emphasis of the research on time-use. The second concept lies in the sand, trickling through from the top of the hourglass to the bottom. In the negative space of the sand still waiting in the upper chamber, lies a line reminiscent of the graphical representation of the lifecycle deficit, which is then echoed again in the line-work of the second body of sand in the bottom chamber. The third and final cue is that of the little circle nestled in the sand in the top, a symbol for the head of a human being, with the sand resembling lifted arms, and the sand at the bottom of the hourglass forming a woman's body.