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NTA XII, 23-27 July 2018 (Mexico City)

The following CWW-related presentations were made at the 12th Annual Meeting of the NTA Network, held in Mexico City in July 2018. Linked presentations are hosted on the main NTA website.

Day One, Session 3: Gender Dividend: Make Women's Work Count

Moderator: Mtra. María de la Paz López Barajas, General Director of Autonomy and Empowerment for Equality of the Women's National Institute

Other Presentations

Other Counting Women's Work-Related Presentations

Gretchen Donehower: "'Women's Work' and Sustainable Development", Women's Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Development: Exploring the Evidence, Intersections, and Outcomes, hosted by the World Bank, the Population Reference Bureau, and the Population and Poverty Research Network, New York City (15 March 2016).

Gretchen Donehower: "Women’s Economic Activity and the Demographic Dividend", Workshop on the Demographic Dividend, ICFP 2016, Nusa Dua, Indonesia (January 25, 2016).

Morné Oosthuizen: "Counting Women's Work in South Africa", The Micro-Econometric Analysis of South African Data (MASA) Conference, Salt Rock, South Africa (November 10, 2015).

38th IATUR Conference, 19-22 July 2016

NTA XI, 20-24 June 2016