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Counting Women's Work Working Papers

No. Country Working Paper Download
WP1 Costa Rica Jiménez-Fontana, P., 2017. Challenges to increase female labor force participation: Gender inequality in Cost Rica. Download
WP2 Mexico Rivero, E., 2018. Intergenerational time transfers and their contribution to Mexico's economy in 2014 Download
WP3 Ghana Amporfu, E. et al. 2018. The Distribution of Paid and Unpaid Work among Men and Women in Ghana: The National Time Transfer Accounts Approach Download
WP4 Methodology Donehower, G., 2018. Measuring the Gendered Economy: Counting Women’s Work Methodology Download
WP5 Colombia Urdinola, B.P. & Tovar, J.A., 2018. Time Use and Gender in Colombia Download